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Own a Vacation Home Starting at $100

& get FREE holidays by owning

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Revolutionizing Vacation Home Investment

EstateDAO is a revolutionary platform that enables anyone to invest in vacation homes around the world for as little as $100. Using Internet Computer Blockchain, EstateDAO tokenizes and enables fractional ownership of properties, making vacation home ownership accessible, hassle-free, and profitable for all types of investors.

The existing vacation home market is fundamentally flawed and riddled with numerous shortcomings (such as high cost, low liquidity, localization, unreliability, and low returns). If rectified, this market holds the key to unlocking vast untapped potential. EstateDAO steps in to remedy these inefficiencies by leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized and transparent marketplace for vacation homes.

What is 

Protocol for Tokenizing Vacation Homes

The EstateDAO Protocol turns ownership of vacation homes, (owned by SPVs) into EstateNFTs, giving partial ownership to those who invested in that property.

Tokenized Shares of Vacation Homes

EstateNFTs serve as representations of fractionalized ownership in vacation homes. These NFTs enable users to view their ownership rights, earn rewards, and expand their real estate portfolio.

Marketplace to trade EstateNFTs

EstateMart empowers users to trade their NFTs for ESTATE tokens, simplifying the exchange of ownership rights and enhancing the liquidity of their real estate assets.

B&B platform for Vacation Home Booking

MyEstate grants timesharing privileges to EstateNFT holders, allowing them to book complimentary vacations using the NFTs they own for vacation homes listed on the platform.

With                       , You Can



Vacation homes 

starting at $100*



Ownership of vacation 

homes with EstateNFTs



High Returns

and Rewards



Free Stays using EstateNFTs



EstateDAO offers a practical way for individuals to obtain fractional ownership in their desired vacation homes across the globe, with entry points as low as $100. Vacation properties are divided into units represented by NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These tokens grant ownership in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) specifically created to hold the real estate asset.

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EstateMart allows owners to efficiently exchange their ownership of vacation homes using EstateNFTs at minimal transaction costs. Our marketplace enhances liquidity in a traditionally illiquid market, facilitating flexible entry and exit options to owners.

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EstateDAO empowers its users to generate rental income and capital appreciation through tokenized ownership of vacation homes via EstateNFTs. With all EstateDAO properties under expert management and dedicated rental services, NFT owners can maximize their rental yields and return on investment (ROI) to the fullest extent.

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MyEstate offers its users the unique opportunity to reserve complimentary stays in meticulously curated vacation homes through the utilization of EstateNFTs. Owners of these NFTs are entitled to a portion of the time-sharing arrangement for the property.

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enables you to get

Affordable Investment

Investment in vacation homes, starting as low as $100.

Timesharing Benefits

Access to EstateDAO properties with EstateNFTs

High Rental Yields

Assured double digit returns from ownership of EstateNFTs

Asset-Backed NFTs

Low Volatility and Risk as EstateNFTs are backed by real assets

High Asset Liquidity

Flexible Entry and Exit Options with ability to trade EstateNFTs

Community Governance

Decentralized decision making for acquisition and maintenance

Global Accessibility

Invest across borders with 100% ownership rights of properties

Stress-free Compliance

Hassle-free ownership of fractionalized vacation homes

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